Handcrafted Mahogany Keepsake Heart Boxes
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Handcrafted Mahogany Keepsake Heart Boxes

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The carpentry shop in Guatemala, where program participants produce finely crafted mahogany boxes, serves a higher purpose. The youngsters who work in the shop produce objects of real beauty, helping to support the program that nurtures them. By working to craft a skill, they learn that they are capable of succeeding in life, once given the opportunity. With time they are able to see themselves in a different light, as valued and productive members of their society. Personally signed on bottom by the youngster who's heart went in to creating this beautiful keepsake. Approx 4.5"x4". Purchase of these wonderful boxes truly does make a difference in the lives of many young lives. Thank you for your support. For more information on ONLY A CHILD, please visit their website at onlyachild.org.
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